Quora launches List Match Targeting for reaching audiences based on email lists

Quora continues to push out new capabilities for its ads platform. This week, the question-and-answer platform released List Match Audiences.

As with Customer Match in Google and Custom Audiences in Facebook, for example, advertisers can upload customer or prospect email lists to Quora for ad targeting or exclusions.

The company says emails are hashed locally on the marketer’s browser before being sent to Quora.

Quora now offers three ways to create audiences: website visitors, lookalikes and List Match.

Advertisers can also create lookalike audiences from List Match. Lookalike targeting uses machine learning to identify people who have exhibited characteristics similar to those in the seed audience.

Emails are matched to the email Quora users use to log into their accounts. It’ll be interesting to see the kinds of match rates marketers see.

Last week, Quora added support for multi-event conversion tracking with its pixel.

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