Facebook is now giving users the option to remove apps in bulk

Facebook has rolled out a new option that allows users to remove apps in bulk from their profile settings.

The new feature, which is accessible on mobile and desktop, will not only remove the apps but also will offer the option to delete any posts the individual apps have made to a user’s profile, TechCrunch first reported.

The feature is included in a user’s app settings, which can be found in the general settings menu. From the app settings page, a user can select which apps they want deleted from their list of downloaded Facebook apps before clicking the “Remove” button. Facebook will display a window confirming they want to remove all the apps selected before it deletes them.

A screen shot of Facebook’s new feature for users to be able to remove apps in bulk.

The feature is one of a number of changes Facebook announced last month that it will be taking to address privacy concerns in the wake of news that Cambridge Analytica misused Facebook user data. Those changes included restricting app developers’ access to user data, giving users more visibility to their apps from News Feed and taking more actions to safeguard user privacy.

Earlier today, the Congressional House Energy and Commerce Committee announced Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will appear before a panel on April 11 to answer questions about his company’s data privacy policies.

On the ad side of its business, Facebook has blocked third-party data broker data from being used for ad targeting and removed audience reach estimates for Custom Audiences. This week, Facebook confirmed it was working on a new certification process for advertisers to verify that they have gained consent to use email addresses uploaded via Custom Audiences.

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