Did your ad work? The ABC’s of People-Based Testing

You’re prepping for an important ad campaign, and you’ve got several different pieces of creative ready to go. With the help of your tech partners, you deploy several highly targeted ads across social media platforms and publisher sites, reaching viewers on desktop, mobile devices and connected TVs. When all is said and done, you appear to have achieved your target reach with your chosen demographics just as you reached the end of your budget.

But that doesn’t mean all of your ads were effective.

In today’s multiplatform environment, it’s not enough to assess whether a given campaign reached its target audience. The savviest brands and agencies go out of their way to figure out which parts of a campaign worked.

In February 2018, Thunder surveyed 213 brands and agencies to find out how common ad testing really is, as well as which tactics see the most use and how those efforts are affecting today’s digital campaigns. Read this white paper to see what they found.

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